Lua for syncing several rover (without WP_delay)

Hi folks,

I´m a total Lua noob, but have a theoretical question.
Is it possible to use Lua for the following:
I have several missions saved on the orange cube,
the script starts each mission one by one after each other,
but each at a certain time (UTC)
(or each after a certain time, if the first mission is started at an UTC time)

So, can Lua reading the GPS time and can make something of it, for example the one written above?

My problem:
I have 12 rover, doing a kind of choreography. To hold them in sync the solution right now is a UTC delay from time to time. They all start at a UTC time, doing their thing on preprogrammed routes, but after a while the sync drifts. After a couple of minutes all get a UTC delay command in their missions, to whait until a certain UTC time and then start off together again.
But if one rover did not get in time to this WP (maybe he was disturbed by something), then he waits at this wayponit until the UTC time next day.
For that reason I would like to get rid of the UTC delay command.

Could Lua help?

Thanks for your opinions!


You could try looking at acrobatic scripting in plane and try using Lua as an replacement controller for rover to navigate trajectory in sync