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Lua Command "vehicle:set_steering_and_throttle()" not working with skid steer vehicles

I am having a problem with my lua script in which I am trying to use the command
vehicle:set_steering_and_throttle() which is contained in the “rover_set_steering_and_throttle.lua” example lua script.

This command should allow the steering and throttle to be set (in Guided mode) from the lua script.

The issue is that while the vehicle:set_steering_and_throttle() command works perfectly with separate steering and throttle (servo1_function = 25 (ground steering) and servo3_function = 70 (throttle) ). unfortuately the command does not work at all when the rover is in skid steer mode (servo1_function = 73 (throttle left) and servo3_function = 74 (throttle right).

Does anyone have any insight into this. I need to control speed and steering from a lua script for my skid steer vehicle and unfortunately I dont think the vehicle:set_steering_and_throttle() command is going to work for me.

By the way I am noting this behavior on the rover simulator within Mission Planner. Thank you. Craig

To be more specific, ,the Lua command “vehicle:set_steering_and_throttle()” is not working with skid steer configured and the vehicle REVERSING. I missed this detail in the original post. Thank you. Craig

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