LRS 900 mHz (Futaba + Mission Planner)

My name is Sandro Ferraz, I’m setting up a UAV (plane) and I’m looking for a 900mhz radio modem system that can meet the requirements of my country (Brazil). Local law says that the UAV can be controlled by an automatic system (in the case of Pixhawk and Mission Planner), however, I need to have the option to switch from the mission planner to a control radio (Futaba 14SG or Taranis x9d plus) in case of emergency. The question is, can someone tell me a 900mhz system that works fine (similar to Dragon link v3, this is 433mhz which is forbidden in my country), I read about the RDF 900x but I did not find enough information to know If it enables the use of the Mission Planner or radio control (all connected to a single set Tx Rx) How does it occur in Dragon Link v3? Can someone help me?

I am waiting for an answer and thank you for your attention.

I have not tried it personally, yet, but TBS Crossfire seems to be an alternative for DLv3, just limited to 8ch PPM and ~900mhz frequency range.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I’m reading about TBS, but I’ve read a few reports that it loses the link easily, but it looks like I will not have any other choice.

not true, TBS is currently the best and most reliable LR system, I use myself and never had an issue. You can use more than 8CH btw…and can be used as telemetry bridge as well.
There is also the option PPM over Mavlink which allows you to hook the TBS receiver to Telem ports only (so no SBUS connection needed).
Both the normal and micro receiver allow the use of this feature.