Lowrance HDS stream full sonar to PC / mission planner

Yeah that will work. That one is RJ45 female socket - so you’ll need another RJ45 - RJ45 male to male (eg a normal computer network cable)

Small chance you will need a cross over network cable if you don’t get a link light on your wireless bridge wired network port.

Thanks for the help, here in the US, it is tough to integrate anything that is not “Lowrance”

is it the same where you are?

Has it been determined if this works with the FS series also? I believe they do not have WIFI, but do have a hardwired ethernet port that may provide the same access?

Hi Marko

I had a look and seems lowrance elite FS does support screen mirroring. So i think hooking up your wireless bridge to the ethernet port would work fine.

That is very good news. Thank you very much for responding.


Hi aussiemaverick,

nice to read this topic!
I started working on it straight away. I have connected my Lowrance HDS pro to a WiFi router and I can stream the lowrance via a WiFi bridge to the VLC app.

I just can’t figure out how to get the video images from the Lowrance into the HUB.
Can you explain the steps on how to get the Lowrance into the HUB, or is there another topic for this that can help me?

Hi @Marcel007

Do you mean HUB or HUD ? If its the HUD heads up display in mission planner, i can’t remember 100% all the steps but here is based on my memory.

Get IP address of lowrance HDS. (in my example
Make sure VLC can display HDS stream ok then close VLC
Gstreamer installed in default location (c:/gstreamer)
Mission planner installed
On MP HUD, go to Video → Set GStreamer source.

rtspsrc location=rtspu:// latency=50 ! decodebin3 ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw,format=BGRA ! appsink name=outsink

Note - change the to whatever IP your lowrance HDS is.

Beautifully done! As long as you purchase a 4G router, you can remotely control your boat in a LAN within a 4G network for free, and you can remotely control your boat without distance restrictions.
I hope you can continue to study how to achieve remote control lowrance

I provide an idea, it should be possible to remotely control lowrance, deploy the host on land, and deploy sonar on unmanned ships. There is a cable connection between the lowrance host and the sonar. I analyzed the connection method and it should be an RS422 connection. Two of the cables are tx, which provide power to the sonar at the same time. The other two are RX, which receive data from the sonar. signal, I guess all sonar signals at different frequencies are transmitted to the host, and the host can choose to parse and display the sonar signals at different frequencies.
If you use the RS422 to RJ45 network interface, you can transmit the sonar signal remotely, thereby deploying the host on land and deploying sonar on the unmanned ship. The disadvantage is that the signal is a little delayed.

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Hi aussiemaverick,

sorry for the late respons.

I have the lowrance working on VLC.
But I can’t Gstreamer to work.
I suspect something went wrong when downloading Gstreamer. Which version of Gstreamer did you download? (Or a link)

The Lowrance works on VLC.

I installed Gstream.

Mission planner installed, and connect via WiFI.
But when I go to MP HUD - Video - Set Gstreamer source. I get this message

Someone knows what Im doing wrong??

Hello everyone.
Do you know if this can work with other sonars lines like the Lowrance Hook

And do you know if the ethernet on the psi-1 could be useful. Like a active listening 3-in-1 transducer plugged in the psi-1, and the psi-1 plugged to a rPi (would it need the hub?)

Trying to use this with an ASV so trying to have it the most automatic possible (but that’s after being able to connect haha) Did your setting needs hanging at every startup with the HDS?

Hi nice thread!
Which lowrance models are able to work ? Are HDS 8, Ti not 2 supposed to work?
In my understanding all lowrance model with nmea 2000 can work!

I expect only the lowrance units that have ethernet will output the full sonar images. I think every HDS will work since they all have ethernet.

The serial ports (NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000) are for just basic information swapping like GPS location, basic depth readings.

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I’ve been able connect to the screen mirroring over two cellular hot spots. I added a mini router that allowed for a VPN client and a cellular hot spot on the boat. The router has to port forward VPN client connections to port 554 to the Lowrance local IP. Then from my cell phone with the VPN set up I can access the screen mirroring with VLC. Here’s a quick sketch:

There are a couple things I’ve learned from this though.
First, I had some weird interference with the FRSKY radio reception. Everything worked on the bench but out in the field the radio distance was cut drastically short. Ditching the cellular and router brought connectivity back. I’m hoping it’s the proximity of the router but I’m still testing that.
Second, I’d really like to get connectivity working with the Lowrance App. Being able to adjust depth range remotely would save me having to re-run surveys. Being able to see the depth remotely will help but being able to correct it without recalling the craft would be even better. I’m struggling to determine how to trick the app into connecting over the VPN and how to forward the traffic to the Lowrance on the router are just out of my reach.

I would love suggestions but I’m really just hoping this info helps someone else trying something similar.