Lower position of the propellers

I am building a drone with four EA 5416 KV200 motors and 12S power supply, the lower position of the propellers is very important to me. but in this position they are not installed, tell me what options there are fasteners

That motor looks copy of T-motors new navigator series motors. The t-motor propellers can be mounted as pushers in a coaxial configuration on their motors so maybe you could get a set of T-motor carbon propps.

If you don’t want to buy new propps, you could probably install some kind of distance piece between the motor and propp. The issue would be to prevent flex and vibration.

You could try to 3d print a plastic piece to insert between the propp and motor, than use longer screws to mount everrything. 3D printed parts are usually not that strong but such a small solid part will be able to handle quite some load.

The best option would be to use a CNC milled aluminium part, but getting 4 of those custom milled might get expensive.

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I am very upset , I built a VTOL and faced such a problem , I live in a rural area and there is no way to order, there is a quick release from a T motor, but those that fit the mounting look very unreliable Q1418_Quick-Attach-Detach Propeller Adapter_Motors_Multirotor_T-MOTOR Store-Official Store for T-motor drone motor,ESC,Propeller

my vtol, in the photo, the motors are T motor 4014, the propellers are on them, but they don’t have enough power and I took them off

You want something like these:

I’ve got some Turnigy ones on motors (in use on a copter) for the same reason as you have - the top motors of the QuadX8 take the props directly, but the bottom motors need the spacer to mount the prop - but I cant find where to get them now.

I bought motors for 50 euro, and here the spacer costs almost the same, it’s expensive for me

I solved my problem) for many years I have been using quick-fixes that I don’t use, I forgot about them) the quality is very high. I wrote to the EAGLE Eagle Power support service and they answered very quickly, but they didn’t say anything useful. Thank you friends for wanting to help