Low voltage warning

Posting in the 3.2 forum as it’s the latest - but actually not sure what FW I will/should be running…

I’m awaiting the parts for my very first Quad build. Using APM2.6 and a F450 frame, with 920kv motors and 30A ESCs, which have BECs built in.

I have not yet ordered any hardware for battery monitoring, as someone has told me that the APM has this built in - but in the wiring diagrams I have seen so far, there is no direct connection between the LiPo and the APM.

My battery will be connected to a PDU, then all 4 ESCs from there. I’ll power the APM from one of the ESCs.

What’s the best way of setting up low voltage / battery monitoring in this case?

You would be best to follow these Wiki instructions for powering your APM http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-autopilots/common-apm25-and-26-overview/

Thanks for the reply, Yes, I’ve gone thru that page but there are still many options for power. In my particular case, I’m not using an APM power module, I’ll just be taking +5v from the ESC, so I still don’t see how LiPo monitoring would work without extra hardware.

If I get one of the cheap low voltage alarms from eBay, is there a way to hook in to the APM?

Unless you use some sort of power module apm won’t know about the lipo voltage. Apm measures vcc, but if you see any change on that its too late, and will most likely result in a crash.

A separate lipo alarm is better than nothing but will rely on you hearing it…apm will have no clue about that.

Thanks! Looks like a power module is on the cards then.