Low resolution map

I’m new with Q ground control mainly using Mission Planner for the last few year. I would like to use the multiple vehicle capability but unfortunately the map display in my windows 10 computer is very low resolution here in my place. But the tablet version works well. Is there any setting I need to adjust ?



They should be the same. There is no setting to chnage. You’re seeing different images at the same zoom level between tablet (android?) and desktop (what OS?).

Hi DonLakeFlyer

Attach herewith the screen shot. As you can see LHS had high resolution image while RHS with very low resolution image. This only happen in Windows QGC. The tablet version work fine.

I actually notice this sometime ago where the tablet version also has the same issue, but looks like the latest version had solve it.



Try clearing you map cash:

  • Settings
  • Offline Maps
  • Click on Default Tile Set
  • Delete


Had tried but nothing change.

Can you add an issue into GitHub with details and we’ll continue the discussion there.