Low Cost Bare Bones ArduPilot

Is there anything out there on how to assemble a very inexpensive quad with ardupilot? I see this SkyViper Journey with the ArduPilot logo on it and I almost lose my mind because an approved FC and ESC combo alone costs more than this.

I realize they may be using brushed motors and have manufacturing deals which drives down price. But is there anything out there that points to building a simple ardupilot quad with gps similarly priced to this Journey?

im looking for a low cost FC, an omnibus f4 with an ESC or something. looking to make like 5 of them

No. Start with a $30 FC and a $30 4in1 ESC and build from there. ~$175 later you could have an Arducopter capable quad. Then you would need an RC System if you don’t have one. FPV capability extra.

could this run arducopter?

It’s the same CPU as the https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-openpilot-revo-mini.html
openpilot revo mini

it’s also running Firmware version: betaflight_3.0.1_OMNIBUSF4

i might buy one to just test it

Edit: Nvm its more similar to the omnibus

The 1st one is a no. The Omni F4 Pro is popular.Omnibus F4 nano is another. An F7 board is more adaptable. Kakute F7 or Kakute F7 mini are good choices.