Low board voltage issue

My custom hexacopter is flying just fine. I am running a pixhawk with 3.1.5. However, when I run the auto analysis of the datalog, I get a VCC warning (see pic). When check the “Power Issues” graph (see pic), the board voltage is between 825 mA and 1.3 volts!!! Can this be correct? Can I even fly with the board voltage this low?

I am running two 6S batteries in parallel so no power module. The batteries run through an Attopilot 180, current and voltage monitoring is working perfectly. One ESC 5V supply goes to the two 5V inputs and two grounds on the power wire for primary voltage. I also have 5V going to the output rail from another ESC.

Any idea what is wrong or how to fix this? -Greg

Are you using power module, 5 volt bec on output rail or both to power the pixhawk?