Low Battery

I think I know the answer but I wanted a second opinion. I was doing some simple flying on a known low battery, not low enough for my lipo sensor to go off, I figured I had a couple of minutes left. I flew my rig up and switched to Loiter then it switched to Land. I wasn’t sure if it went to Land due to failsafe or because my mode switch was off. After it landed I sent her back up, again my lipo low bat sensor was not going off. As soon as I ascended the lowbat alarm started to go off, I switched it to RTL. The Quad went up, and then started to come back to home position where it started to lose altitude very quickly. I tried to switch to stabilize but it was too late to recover. No serious damage was done but I wanted to try and tune my fail safes and if this is the case I can use this as a learning experience.

I think this is the best graph that says it all. What is FLIGHT_MODE-16? I better look at my setup again.

Land mode is awesome, it smoothly came down for a perfect landing.