Low Battery Warning Message on Screen

I’m using Arduplane, Pixhawk, and Minim OSD. The display screen keeps giving me a “Battery Low” warning message. I know this is not correct.

I believe I configured the battery correctly in MP.

In Initial setup > Mandatory > Failsafe I set:
Low Battery=10.8 (I’m using a 3 Cell 2250maH battery)
Reserved maH=0

In Configuration > Full Parameter Treee > Batt I set:
Bat Capacity = 2250maH

In Minim OSD software I set:
Min Bat Voltage = 10.8
Bat Remain Warning Level = 0

I hope there is a simple solution and just one or two parameters I failed to setup.

Any help would be appreciated. I can see the voltage on the OSD display and use that to when I need to land, but the “Battery Low” warning still flashes on the screen.



And you have calibrated the voltage/current correctly? What
voltage is displayed when you get the low battery warning

The battery low warning starts showing up as soon as I plug the battery into the ESC. Here is how I configured the Battery Monitor.

Monitor= 3 Battery Volts
Sensor= (this is greyed out and can’t be changed)
APM Ver= 4 The Cube or Pixhawk


  1. Measured battery voltage=12.44 (this was measured directly from the battery using a volt meter)
  2. Battery voltage (cached) = (It is not displayed and I can’t change it)
  3. Voltage divider= 10.1 (I read in the instruction I was following to set it to this)
  4. Measured current= blank
  5. Current (cached) = -.009
  6. Ampere per volt=17

I don’t really understand all these parameters and basically was following directions I found in the documentation.

Based on another test, the Pixhawk is reading and displaying the correct voltage. I just re-calibrated the battery monitor and the voltage measured with a volt meter is the same as the voltage displayed on my monitor. The problem seems to be setting the battery low warning part… As I said before I set the warning voltage to be 10.8. The current voltage is 12.52, yet the “Battery Low” warning starts flashing as soon as I plug the battery into the ESC.

When configuring the current sensor in hardware setup (mission planer), did you set the trigger levels corectly in the dialogue? http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-power-module-configuration-in-mission-planner.html#common-power-module-configuration-in-mission-planner

I have seen this last time out flying where the OSD just flashes “Low Battery” but the voltage is still up around 11.something.
Just checked it in the shed and could not reproduce the problem.
Could it be caused by a momentary dip in voltage (millisecond range) that triggers the OSD?
Will be able to flight test it this arvo.
Does yours do it from initial plug in or when you take off?