Low Battery and Arming Buzzer

I use multiple APMs currently, mostly for multi rotor vehicles. I am using them also for a few modified RC vehicles. I know that I can setup a buzzer for arming and low battery warnings with the multi rotor firmware, but I cannot seem to find the option in the parameters for rovers. Is there an option for this?

Much easier to be belt and braces and use one of these

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Not at the moment. I use the battery voltage warning in the MP as I am using the 3DR PM to power my APMs.
TCIII Developer

Thanks Gary. I know I could use an indicator, but I just assumed since the power module monitors battery level and is used under the ArduCopter for the same idea it may be here for ArduRover. Either way it is not a problem. Either I will add my own software to do it or go with the indicator.

When testing with MP, I do use the battery voltage warning, but there are times I just want to go out and drive/test without MP. I am using this in conjunction with Linux and ROS, so I do not use MP very often.