Loudspeaker replace manual publicize

During the epidemic, more and more goverments use drone and loudspeaker to replace manual way to publicize epidemic prevention, which greatly improved efficiency and reduced labor costs.

Loudspeaker description

Size:204x191.5x154 mm
Weight: 835g
Color :Black
Effective call distance: 600m
Maximum power consumption :100 W
Wireless communication distance :5Km(open)
Maximum volume :125dB(From the bell 0.5m)
Radio frequency: 433MHz

Microphone parameters
Size: 120x55x32 mm
Weight: 230g
Color Black + Silver
Correspondence :5Km
System Simulation
Frequency UHF :400-480 MHz
Battery capacity :2800 mAh
Maximum power consumption: 8 W
Standby :2-5 day

Operating temperature: -20~+60 ℃
Storage temperature: -30~+70℃

If u wanna know more about the product, please click the link:Thunder P0 Pro

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How does this compare to the harwar speaker they have also created?

Compared with Hawa’s YT-LS01, our loudspeaker is lighter in weight, smaller in size, farther in wireless transmitting and receiving distance, and louder in sound

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please keep this on subject. this is no spam, if you have issues with my writing style I am sorry! I have flown a harwar system and used their loudspeaker for scaring birds from a toxic lake and would like to know more about this system!


This speaker is practically tested, don’t question its function

Nice, hey friend, may I have your email or other contact way? I wanna send u some videos of our speaker product, and then u can know more about it.