Lot of Bad Gyro Health Messages

Hello everyone!
I wanted to make a test flight today but got numerous Bad Gyro Health messages. I rebooted but still got those messages. I’m on v3.5RC1. If I look in the logs graph, I can see some holes like if the telemetry signal has been cut (?). Here is a printscreen of the graph and a picture of the messages I received on my Taranis (Bad Gyro Health, Bad Health, Health,…). Does anyone have an idea of the source of the issue?

2017-04-10 17-48-37.log (2.6 MB)

Have you tried to connect a “normal” GCS, like Mission Planner for example? Would be interesting to see what messages you get there.

Mission Planner was connected through RFD868. Where can I find the messages in the log file?

Hi Olivier,

You can either use the telemetry log that MP should have saved (I’m not sure where it does currently, I think it is either in your Documents folder or in the Programs folder) or the dataflash log you can get from the vehicle (which I’m assuming is what you have posted in the first post).

With the first I think the easiest way is to replay it in MP and look at the Messages tab. With the latter, you can analyze it in MP and look for the MSG messages (if you click in the headers, you’ll get a combobox to choose what message type to display).

Thanks Oxinarf,

I see the messages when replaying the flight, but not when I review the dataflash log. I must do something wrong:

I check the 3 gyrosql to graph them and then I check MSG/Messages. But nothimg is displayed…

Do you have pre-arm checks turned on? Have you copied parameters from another board? What board is this, an original or a clone? Have you tested another board?

Also, I just noticed you are in 3.5-rc1, please update to 3.5-rc4.

Yes … pre-arm check is on. It is an original board and the settings weren’t copied from another one.
I updated today to 3.5rc4 and did the calibration again.
Made a flight without any problem and no Bad Gyro Health messages. Should have been a one time error situation.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Great! Let us know if you have issues again.