Lost Vehicle Sound not working


I tried to set LOST VEHICLE SOUND (AUX FUNC 30) to some RC channel, but nothing is happening.

  • If I change 30 to something else (switch relais, gripper, etc.) it works, so the switch is fine
  • I also have a buzzer enabled and it is playing all other tones well (arming etc.)
  • I can´t see any log message when activating the LVS function (gripper shows someting, relais also not)

What else is needed to activate that sound/function?



Just another data point. I have a Matek H743-Mini with no buzzer. But if I enable Lost Vehicle Sound anyway and activate it I can confirm there is no message given.

So no one has an idea?
Has someone a working LVS and is that just a problem with the Matek?

I’m a little confused, this function is absolutely essential…

I tested it as working in SITL but no further.

LVS does work on my Matek H734 (Function 30 on RC15, 4.0.7)
No any log message as well.

Any update here, i am facing same issue with my Matek H743-Slim

ArduCopter 4.1.2 on Cube orange does lost vehicle sound on stick gestures

But what if its rc failsafe, i mean you already lost connection with radio then no use of stick gestures, its must be handled by FC in when any failsafe trigger