Lost HUD window display

Hi everyone. I recently installed MP (after much hassle) on windows 7 Ultimate. ASfter attempting various installs incl APmission planner I was advised by one install attempt load latest Framework version.
I did this after again trying 4 versions available at various download sites.
Mission planner loaded installed and ran ok but would not dislay the HUD module on the main page (it was just a blank area of the screen.
After a number of restarts, reinstalls etc I ensured all Registry entries re Mission planner were removed and also deleted the MP data folder under C: drive program Data.
I reinstalled MP and again no HUD display.
I then tried one last thing. I went into windows firewall and ticked allow local network access as well as external access.
Finally i have HUD :smiley:
Just thought I would post this long winded discourse as i could not find ANY info on using/ fault finding the actual program, just its functions.
maybe this will save some other poor soul 10 hours of PC wrangling.

Hmm when I logged in to my PC this morning expecting to use Mission Planner I got the same issue NO HUD ?? I am in the proess of removale and reinstll but if anyone can help I would ppreciate it Using Win 7 Ultimate, updated Frameork MP works well in everyway accept no HUD on main screen just a blank window area :{

After upgrading to 3.4.6, my HUD panel disappeared.
The only way I could get it back was to enable the old style HUD (GDI) switch in the Planner settings.
Also, I cannot get MP to remember the HUD panel dimensions whenever I adjust the panel depth.

this indicates seomthing is wrong with your graphics card driver. please update that