Lost ability to nudge roll+pitch during RTL

I’ve been attempting to record video utilizing the ROI function to keep the copter always pointed at the region of interest during the autopilot mode. Forgive me because I’m not sure what version of Arducopter I was on before. I found this thread that highlights the problem and a fix that rmackay9 put in to the newest version on github. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/drones-discuss/EnvmBOQAQag

Loading this newest version of Arducopter did, in fact, fix the ROI function and allow the ROI to persist through all the waypoints. It’s awesome. Unfortunately somewhere between my older version of Arducopter and the dev version on github, the ability to nudge the roll and the pitch during RTL was lost. For some reason, the copter has always had a slight drift during the RTL mode but it could be corrected by nudging it toward the landing pad. Now nudging it only controls yaw which only allows me to spin helplessly as the copter drifts away from the launch pad and into the rocks as it lands.

I just found this comment from rmakay9 posted a week ago that randy intends to add it back in. https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/issues/891

UPDATE: I had commented on the drones-discuss thread I posted above and assumed nobody had responded because I didn’t get any email notifications. I only just noticed that Randy himself responded as well as 10 other people requesting this ability to stay.

This is the patch that Randy added to the master to make the ROI work correctly. https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/commit/fdae812814cedd0ea5566571af430ee30aca6a10
Randy also commented that the nudge during RTL works in AC3.1.2
If I add Randy’s ROI patch to the AC3.1.2 code, will I get both functions that I want, or will my copter explode in the air?

I think you’re safe to test it like any test should be performed - carefully. It’s not something that seems capable of exploding, as you say :slight_smile: … maybe create a random black hole, but not explode :slight_smile:

I would have done it without a second thought but I keep reading references to “the onion” which I interpret as a large overhaul of the code. If this kills me, my blood is on your hands. I’ll report back.

oops , yes, I were thinking about cherry picking some of the code, While I build the code from 15’th, and flew it (had to comment out GPS2 and some other stuff) - I did NOT do proper testing on it, and usually (like:now) fly latest release + a few picked fixes.
So - be careful. I am still hoping for a bloodless result, preferably due to success, not black hole :slight_smile: