loss of some data

Good day colleagues. I need your help.
I connect to the flight controller via USB,
open the status EKF and VIBE (status bar) and see some of the flags ON and compass status data
and the vibrations are displayed,
you can see the problems with the magnetometer or vibrations.

Connect via telemetry 433MHz open status EKF and VIBE and see some of the flags on and data on the status of the compass and vibration are displayed.

Connect to the same connector (TELE2 ) minla mavlink 4G UDP output status EKF and VIBE and see all the flags OFF the visual display of data on the status of
the compass,
the vibration is gone…scale the empty (however, the numbers of the magnetic field and other data coming under the status screen of the
it turns out that the transmission via UDP Part of the data does not come? also the second GPS module is not visible (when connecting 433mhz or USB the second module is visible)
Help to understand.

Pixhawk 2.1 cube copter 3.5.5 telem 433mhz end Minla HDW 4G mavlink


try changing the stream rates down in MP settings. it might be the datarate is set to high, and messages are being skipped

Check that Minla is now supporting Mavlink 2 (and Mavlink 2 extensions to Mavlink 1 messages). If they still don’t you’ll only get Mavlink 1 messages coming through, and you’ll have to go back to them to ask for a firmware update on the device to route Mavlink 2.

Where can I change stream rates down? Maybe you are talking about LOG_ BITMASK?

At the moment I use Minla which supports the Mavlink protocol version 1, I constantly keep in touch with the developer of this device and periodically receive an update. Is there any support for the Mavlink protocol version 2 I have not heard yet?

Not that I know of: but it would explain missing data, as you won’t receive mavlink 2 (or extended) messages through minla.

Yes, but through telemetry 433 MHz comes the entire amount of data! without changing the settings, and through UDP only a part, and flags ekf status off

I compared the parameters in two modes: the connection mode via the 433 MHz radio modem and the connection mode via the udp minla SR parameters are all the same for two modes. However, data transfer via UDP is not complete.