Loss of roll and pitch control when in alt hold mode

Hey guys, my father and I have put together a total of 3 drones using either APM 2.5 or pixhawk FC. Currently we are experiencing some interesting issues when flying in alt hold mode. When in alt hold we are unable to control the vehicle pitch and roll. I have used alt hold successfully on the APM2.5 quad, then suddenly it began to have this issue. Also his hex using the pixhawk does the same thing and we have been unable to fly in alt hold. If we put it in stabilize mode it performs flawlessly.

We have not tried other flight modes, and it very clearly receives the radio input which can be seen in mission planner and by the fact that it works fine in stabilize.

Not sure if you guys have any thoughts or insight into the issue, thanks in advance.

  • Shawn B.

We need to see the flight logs for this. More than likely it’s a radio configuration issue as this has never been seen before.


See http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/altholdmode.html for insights.