Loss of left skid steer drive

I would usually consult the log file, but as a separate issue not logging. The boat was about 1km away and went into failsafe (odd for a Herelink). After getting closer and establishing a link, the left motor was out. I presumed it was an ESC or motor (T200 thruster) issue… Both drives are fine lol. Is there anything that would cause this after a failsafe event? Better find out why I can’t log right now so I don’t need to ask stupid questions.

Do you know what triggered the failsafe? Loss of RC or telemetry or low battery, etc?

I have had small things get jammed in the T200 thrusters on Dumbo, I wonder if something jammed that motor, causing the voltage to sag, battery failsafe to trigger, and ESC to shut down? Although with brushless motors maybe the stall current is not that big, I’m not sure.

Often when my logs don’t work formatting the SD card fixes things.

The failsafe was a loss or rc control. Being a Herelink controller that means it’s actually the telemetry link as well. I had just added some 3D printed thruster guards and when I pulled it out of the water, the prop freely spun. Pretty interesting driving a catamaran with one drive for a kilometre with no line of sight (dense trees and a cliff):joy: slow reverse right thruster, line it up 90deg and punch in. Rinse and repeat. Going to dig in and see how hard it would be to add rudders to the skid steering. Saw some posts from a few years back that didn’t seem to support it.

Figured it out. The motor was filled with ferriic material. There’s fine black sand everywhere, especially between the stator and rotor. Being this is a tailings pond, that should have been obvious lol!