Loss of Gimbal control while in Auto

Got a great vid of the large homestead area where I grew up.
But I noticed the camera starting to hop (max pitch up stop thanks to 1500cm/s WPNAV_SPEED I set).
Tried to adjust but the pitch was not working.
Dealt with it and moved onto my 3rd location.

Tested the gimbal before take off and all was well, zeroed it and launched.
Too much sky for me so I tilt it down a tad but just a tiny bit too much.
But by the time I started the correction, the hex was on its way to the next waypoint and the pitch commands were not accepted.
It was like the pitch control was disconnected.

After the craft returned and disarmed, the gimbal worked again.
Anyone seen that?

Was working fine before 3.5.3
Using the pass through the FC method using Mission Planner settings Servo on Servo 7 using RC7 in.

**Temporary fix - disable gimbal settings in MP under optional hardware.
Set SERVO7_FUNCTION to 1, write params and reboot the FC.

I have no idea why this works but it does.

I still would like to know why I lost gimbal control in the first place.
The homestead area is 3 hours away…very frustrating.

If it’s set for pass through on the gimbal pitch, then that’s all it should do. So it could be a noisy pot on your Tx. The only way to know for sure is look at the DF log and see what the RC inputs and outputs are. These may not be logged depending on what the logging parameter is.

Noisy pot on a brand new Taranis?
Doubt it.

Plus, my hands are never on the pot to disturb it.

Yes I agree that would be unlikely on a new radio. I re-read your post and you said the “temporary fix” was to set SERVO7_FUNCTION to 1. That is pass through, so was it changed from another value. A data flash log would tell the story. If during the event the RC7 in and SERVO7 OUT don’t agree then it was not in pass through mode. Unless you had a mission command for that channel the FC would do nothing to it. I can think of only two possibilities. You were in auto mode and lost RC from an obstacle or whatever and you your failsafe was set to continue the mission. Your gimbal went to the receiver’s failsafe setting. You can test this while disarmed and see what your gimbal does when the Tx is shut off. The second possibility is a lose servo connector on the gimbal.
If you post you .bin file I would be happy to look at it.

No loss of RC connection - this is exactly what happened for one flight (only one I could remember now)…

Take-off, switch to Auto, reach desired altitude, gimbal self tilts upward and accepts no input from 150’ altitude and 0’ from home.

Mission completes, switch to Stabilize and shut down motors…gimbal could then be controlled.

.bin is long since gone.
This was back in October '17

Well then, if its working for you in pass through (1) then no problem. I have a 3 axis storm gimbal with pitch control over pwm. I am not using pass through, is set for FC control so that I can put a ROI way point in an the copter will follow its path whilst yawing the copter and tilting the gimbal to keep the ROI in view. It works pretty well, but you must calibrate the Tx, the gimbal and the flight controller to get it to work. I used it to see if it worked, but I never used it again cause I am tilting manually based on what I see. It’s there if I need it.
You should set you ch 7 failsafe value to a known value so if it happens it won’t be strait up or down if the default failsafe settings are used.