Loss of Data Info

I am trying to set up my brand new APM 2.6 with planner, 2.0 and have lost the flight data section on the left.
All I now have is a full screen showing my present GPS location on the map.

I know that I pressed the cancel button on the actual data,but cannot find a way to restore it.

I have tried deleting the file and downn oading another copy to no avail.
I t appears that computer remembers the deletion of the data that I did



Put AP2 in advanced mode if it is not. It in Menu->File->Advanced.

No you can reenable the widgets in the Tool Widgets Menu Option.

You may need to double click the widgets small title bar to dock them. you can drag them around and dock them in different positions of left side, right, top, bottom etc.

You can also go to ~/.config and delete the com.diydrones directory to reset everything back to default settings

Many thanks

Unfortunately it looks like my XP is causing a lot of my problems, it all seems to work OK on another win 7 computer.

Will have a look tomorrow to see if I can use your suggestions.


XP is not a supported platform. Sorry (Not even M$ are supporting is anymore!)

You may get better results if you recompile the code for the platform but YMMV.

Thanks again

I am purchasing a new laptop with win 8.1 so hopefully it should solve my problem.