Loss configurations in Pixhawk after crash

Hi everyone,

Recently I had a crash with my drone. After the crash I check my Pixhawk with only GPS and telemetry connected to it and everything (all calibrations and settings) was looking good.

Then today I connected my drone to it’s motors and to battery, raspberry Pi, radio controller etc. and I check the drone from mission planner again but all the calibrations was lost.

Also there is a lot of errors related to pre-arm checks, such as no compass, no RX controller calibrations. (probably because the calibrations is lost.)

Should I just reinstall the ardupilot to the Pixhawk or what should I do? Can you give me a suggestion please.

You can load an earlier .bin log file into MissionPlanner, view parameters and save all to a file, then import that file (twice)

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I just saved the parameters and it gave me a .params file instead of a .bin file. Should I just re-import it? (twice)

Well that will be the params file for the current configuration - which might be the one you are saying is reset/dead/gone
You need to first download a .bin log, the last successful flight, from the SD Card using MissionPlanner DataFlash Logs section

  1. download via mavlink (with USB connection)
  2. Review a log
  3. save to param file
  4. close the log review
  5. go to Config, Full Parameter Tree
  6. load from file
  7. refresh parameters
  8. load from file again

This should have all your old parameters back in place.
Reboot flight controller
Probably do any of the mandatory calibrations again, like Accels, RC, Compass.

Test and check as much as you can on the bench before flying - dont assume everything will be in a working state since something apparently went wrong!
Also update to latest stable firmware.

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Okay I fix the problem. There was a problem with the signal cables that go to ESC. I connect them correctly and drone arms without any problem. Only thing left is testing the drone in air. Thanks a lot xfacta, you literally saved me.

Thank you a lot for detailed help!!

I did what you said and it actually bring back the all the calibrations including compass and RC but after few minutes all the data got lost again. Then I re-do it with one of older params and rebooted it again and this time (for now) calibrations still here.

I tried to arm and it gave me “unhealthy AHRS” which I think related to compass and accelaration calibrations. I’ll try to calibrate it again and come back in here again.

Unfortunately I can not update to latest versions because my pixhawk (radiolink) is not compatible with the latest versions. Because of that I’m using 3.6.9 version.

Do you think it could related to a hardware issue?

EDIT: Okay, I just re calibrated the only accel calibration and the previous error disappeared (unhealty AHRS)

But still I can not arm it. My mission planner thinks that I armed it but actually it does not arm. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

While Radiolink hardware is not recommended this is not true of all of their flight Controllers. I think their 2.4.8 is no different than the other generic 2.4.8 Flight Controllers around. Which Flight Controller do you have?

I think it’s the one below.

I actually install the latest version at the start of my project, but I couldn’t see the internal GPS in the Mission Planner. So, I make some research and I saw that some folks suggested that it probably caused because new versions of the ardupilot have problems with the Radiolink Pixhawk. Due to this, I choose one of the older versions (3.6.9) and GPS working without any problem.

What internal GPS? I think these are just another version of the generic 2.4.8.

Install latest Stable and post a screenshot of the HWID screen and let’s see.

I’m sorry, I supposed to say compass. I only see the external compass in the compass calibration page, but not the other one. (When I install the latest version.)

Edit: They actually released a notice about this in the radio link docs.


OK, I suppose the IST8310 may not be recognized. And Radiolink’s answer to this is to suggest using very old firmware. 4 yrs old.
Why would anyone buy anything from Radiolink?

Internal mags are typically disabled anyway.