Losing calibration?

I’ve bought a Pixhack (CUAV Pixhawak clone) to have something more advanced than my Naza V2. The problem I have is that it seems losing calibration (RC, compass, accelerometer) now and then. E.g. below

[MAV 001:1] APM:Copter V3.3.1 (45445635) [MAV 001:1] PX4: 34e1d543 NuttX: 7c5ef883 [MAV 001:1] Frame: QUAD [MAV 001:1] PX4v2 00400032 31345102 31353532 [MAV 001:1] Initialising APM... [MAV 001:1] PreArm: RC not calibrated [MAV 001:1] PreArm: RC not calibrated [MAV 001:1] PreArm: RC not calibrated [MAV 001:1] PreArm: Compass not calibrated

Is it something known? Problems like this don’t really add trust to a platform…

That’s not a common problem that I’ve heard of. Is it losing all settings (i.e. changed PIDs) or is it just the compass and RC calibration?
I think there are a couple of possibilities:

  1. there’s a hardware issue with the eeprom which is making the firmware think the format of the eeprom is incorrect and must be formatted. If it’s losing all calibration and returning to the “factory defaults” then I suspect this is this hardware issue.
  2. the GCS is writing some parameter values back to zero for some reason. I’d recommend making sure the GCS is at the latest value. Then we’d need to figure out which values are being overwritten and report it to the GCS developer via the appropriate issues list. github.com/diydrones. To figure out which params are being overwritten, could you store parameter files from before and after the problems occur? I.e. store a param file now, then another the next time it loses it’s calibration.
    A the risk of appearing to pass the buck, I think the issue is most likely in the hardware or the GCS software rather than the fligthcode.

I’ve missed your reply. I think it was related to GCS either resetting or not updating parameters properly. I did a number of full resets, re-uploaded the arducopter firmware and it started working fine. I didn’t have any problems with this since then.