LoRa mavlink telemetry security

I’m going to use cheap lora modules for drone telemetry link. Those modules works as transparent uart extenders. In my understanding it means everybody who has the same module can get control over my drone.
It would be great to have something like mavlink over ssl, aes cipher or similar solution. Please recommend any.
I understand more expensive modules can solve but price around 6 usd is unbeaten :slight_smile:


mavlink2 - it has a packet signing feature. Use it.


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I see QGC doesn’t support this feature yet…
Is it any guides how to setup signing?



You might look for an issue requesting the feature in QGroundControl’s
github repository - and add your voice to it.

MissionPlanner will also allow you to set the feature up.


Got it. Will take a look onto qgc repository.

hello friend I tried e32 43320td for telemetry but with no success, can you tell me how to use it for telemetry for mission planner, thanks in advance.

It is better to use something like sik radio or convert your module into lora.

yes Troll but is there a link into a detailed step by step such project done by some one, to save effeort and time, I know on rcgroups I saw the qczek work excellent but not dedicated to telemetry., so a similar diy lora telemetry will be what am searching for.
hopfully every one is safe those days

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: