Loose level when switching from Acro to stabilize

i’ve update today my copter to latest 3.5, setup and normal flight was pretty nice.

But, following issues i’ve encoutered

  1. When doing a lot of acro and loopings in Acro mode and then switching back to Stabilize the copter looses level position and drifts a way. This was the same also in 3.3 so no changes. Will this be fixed ?

  2. there is also an error probably from the GPS as when flying backwards while in acro loop the gps looses position. But this is not needed in Acro mode anyway

Possible that pt.1 occurs while to much wrong Data are collected during acro pt.2 ?

Ich did not download the Logs now, if this are needed i will download and attache to the post.

But as i remeber the case was analyzed for 3.3.

a lot has changed since 3.3, so, yes. Logs are helpful to give a good reply

Here is the log, i’m really interested what you think about :slight_smile:
Otherwise you can ask randy hope he is doing well.