Looking to build a boat, Is an old APM 2.6 setup up to par?

I’m looking to build a simple boat for sonar scanning. The sonar will all be handled by a standalone humminbird unit. All I need the boat to do is navigate a preset course.

I have previous experience with ardupilot but it was few years ago. My more recent experience has been with Matek F405 boards and iNav.

Is my old APM up to this task? I’m going to need to spend some money on this build so anywhere I can save, like using this old hardware, will help.

Technically it is but it hasn’t been supported in many years. If you want good support get a new flight controller that supports the current version of Rover, there are many to choice from. You don’t need a lot of HP for a Rover/boat so any board will do.

Is there a best recommended board for a boat/rover at this point? A full pixhawk seems over powered?

There are many boards supported as I mentioned:

Maybe start with what you want to pay because even the cheapest board would run circles around an APM and still be suited for a Rover.

Yeah APM is on that list too. Generally there is a “most popular” board, thats why I asked. I’ll keep researching, thanks anyways.

OK, a Cube Orange then. That’s a popular board. But so is a Matek H743, comes in 3 sizes. So are a few from Mrobotics and CUAV…