Looking for template schematics for a non edison based pixhawk 2.1 carrier board

Hello there,

as the title suggests I’m looking for a template example for a carrier PCB that is not based off the intel edion chip(sins it’s obsolete) for the pixhawk 2.1 as a reference because I’m planning to design am improved modular version of it.

Knowing what other functionality does the carrier board has other than expanding the Serial buss and what does the pixhawk cube 2.1 requires to work as a drone controller other the sensors, ESCs, etc…

The carrier does power management, not just I/O breakouts.
There’s a thread on the forum somewhere from a community member converting the files to another format.
What specifically do you want to do?

want to design a drone PCB with plug and play capability integrating the power module and other wires into it using the pixhawk cube.

And what do you mean by power management? it only has voltage regulators on board? if so with what voltages?

The hardware to choose which power source feeds the fc (ie, you can have 3 supplies on the carrier iirc), and monitor it. A lot of work went into that aspect, and it is non trivial when it comes to reliability of the flight controller: stable power is very important.
The PSU schematic is in GitHub somewhere, and is linked here: http://www.proficnc.com/system-kits/84-power-selection-module.html

I can’t see that module in CB_REV_C_Altium schematics in the link you sent for the carrier board.
Also couldn’t find the PSM board’s pinout and what’s it’s use?
Is it just input from VBatt, ground and 3.3V and 5V output?

And if we are still on it do you maybe have the schematics of the power module V6.0? can’t find anything about it any where but it’s pinout.

It’s linked above, but to save you looking:

No idea about the power module. Sounds as though you’re planning a business venture: if you need help, best you engage a professional. This forum is a great place for users and hobbyists to get help, and I’m happy to give it. I don’t think it’s appropriate to expect free commercial support.

Just trying to the system learn on the way can’t hire a professional for those little questions and who said it’s commercial?
Today every body can simply design a simple PCB and send it to fabrication for as little as 1$ per 10X10CM PCB

Also about the Inter edison can you just scrap it and it won’t affect anything?

If it isn’t fitted, it isn’t noticed. The edison is tiny, so was convenient, but you don’t need a companion computer at all for most tasks, and if you want to do something that requires the co computer, pretty much anything from a Pi zero to a TX2 or NUC can be used (depending how much horsepower you need).