Looking for sources of good 15x5 folding props

Hi, I have been using for quite some time the simple cheap 15x5 folding Props from suppliers on AE, and cracked and shuttered as many Hmmm.

Any way, it is time for me to find the good and balanced carbon fiber ones.

Any links or names to look for?

T-motor is my go to, never tried their folding props but their regular CF props have always been high quality in my experience. Definitely not cheap however.

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Sold out rn, but I am a big fan of XOAR propellers. I have used several of their prop sizes ranging from 16" to 24" - so I assume the 15" is of the same quality. They do come at a price - but I will happily surge on props for the utmost quality and efficiency.

As @JDeForest mentioned above, T-Motor is also a great source for carbon fiber propellers. My top three sources are as follows:

  • XOAR
  • T-Motor
  • KDE

All three vendors produce well-balanced and highly efficient propellers. So I just go with the source that provides the best diam/pitch combo for me. KDE propellers are the most expensive of the batch - but I believe this is because they are 100% manufactured in the USA (if i remember so correctly).

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Thank you all for the fast lids, much appreciated!!!
I think I’ll try the T-Motor 15.2x5 push type and see where it takes me.

Hey Gal. Just wanted to let you know that the push type propellers are meant for aircraft that have the motors mounted upside down. There are some slight differences with the propeller design - so just wanted to make sure you were buying the correct version.

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Hi @manavgandhi17, Yes, I went through the tmotor props and had to figure it out. Go figure :rofl:

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