Looking for Simple Waypoint App or Solution RadioMaster TX16

Been flying DJI stuff for years so I’m not very familiar with the scripts for a RadioMaster TX16, which I recently purchased, and how it works with telemetry. That said, I’m building an 840mm recovery quad that will be using Arducopter with a Pixhawk 6C. This will replace a DJI Inspire using Litchi. Litchi has a very simple and useful waypoint option that allows input of a lat/lon that allows me to manually fly a displayed path directly to that coordinate. I don’t fly autonomous missions due to varying ground elevations and potential obstacles.

I’m familiar with Mission Planner but once saw a script for a Jumper/RadioMaster that displayed a waypoint mission on screen. Been searching extensively and can’t seem to find anything like it again.

While I would prefer not to use a separate tablet for Mission Planner, I’m beginning to think that might be the simplest option along with dedicated telemetry radios. But all I need is to enter and display a waypoint so I can fly to it. That’s it.

I have a few different long-range link systems but am considering the TBS and RadioMaster ELRS systems. Can’t seem to find definitive information if the Bluetooth in the TBS Crossfire module will properly pass Mavlink and reliably connect to a tablet running Mission Planner.

Any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.