Looking for recommendations on LIDAR configurations

I need to implement 360 degree obstacle avoidance on my drone, and as a result of LIDAR shortages I’ve had to start coming up with creative solutions. Initially, I wanted to use the TeraRanger Tower for a simple plug-and-play obstacle avoidance system, but It’s been out of stock for months and I don’t think they’re coming back any time soon.

Now, I’ve got a connection with LeddarTech and I could possibly purchase their supported LIDAR modules (either the LeddarOne or the LeddarVu8), but as they use a serial connection I don’t see how I could achieve full 360 degree obstacle avoidance with the limited number of serial ports on my flight controller. I would want a minimum of four LeddarVu8’s since they can be configured for wide-angle detection, but the flight controller just doesn’t have enough serial ports.

Does anyone have recommendations on how I could achieve 360 degree obstacle avoidance using singular LIDAR modules? I can’t use a rotating LIDAR module because it doesn’t meet some of my structural and flight requirements. If there is any method to attach more of these modules (by using the AUXOUT pins for example) that would be a perfect solution, but I’m open to any recommendations. Thanks for the help!

My setup:
CubePilot Cube Orange with KORE carrier board running Ardupilot 4.0
Companion RaspberryPi 4 connected via serial