Looking for recomendations for 30x30mm flight controller

Hey everyone,
I have an old Armatan Morphite that I want tot convert to Arducopter. It is a 180mm frame with 4" props. I am looking for an AIO style flight control board, current sensor, voltage sensor, GPS, OSD.
Can someone recommend one that works well with Arducopter.


It’s not all in one, but I’d take a look at the mRo Pixracer R15 for a flight controller with 30 x 30 mm footprint: https://store.mrobotics.io/mRo-PixRacer-R15-Official-p/m10023a.htm


Nothing wrong with the Pixracer’s I have 3 but the fact it’s not a AIO Flight controller is a problem for this use case. Needs conditioned power/power module, no OSD, no BEC’s. And while I have one on a 210 size frame a 180 would be tight. particularly with the accessory stuff you need because it’s not an AIO.

Well I’d be curious to hear if you come up with anything. Please post back here if so. Cheers.