Looking for Drone Consultant/Pilot in Sydney/Canberra/NSW Area ($ Paid Project)

We are looking for a drone operator/consultant/pilot in Sydney/Canbera/NSW area to help us conduct an experiment at an industrial facility.

We are based in Japan and we need your advise on modifying our drones so that they are compliant with any applicable Australian regulations. We’d love to work with a local firm or an individual who can provide assistance on compliance, registrations, obtaining permits, on-site operations, as well as piloting our drones during the experiment. Needless to say, we want to work with someone who has as lot of experience with ArduPilot.

The experiment has tentatively been scheduled to take place in January 2024 and the duration will be about a week (both subject to change), but we’d like to get started now. Please PM me if you are interested or know someone who might be able to help us.

The UAV pilot licensing system here is based on weight of UAV.
Also a few other details would be helpful for someone to help you:

  • Take off weight
  • Will it be flown in direct line of sight or beyond?
  • Regular daytime operations or is night time flying required ? (Requires additional certification)
  • Will it be flown anywhere near a restricted area ? I.e. Airport


Hi Karl,

Thanks for the suggestions.

To address the points you raised:

  • The drone is a quad with "30 props, weighing slightly less than 25kg.
  • There’s no need for BVLOS flights at this time.
  • Daytime flights only.
  • As far as we know, the location is not designated as restricted and is in a very remote area.

Additional information:

  • The drone will be carrying flammable liquid (paint) as we want to spray paint an object mid-air.
  • The drone needs to fly very close to the surface, but the pilot will be aided by sensors to automatically maintain a constant distance.
  • The spraying system will be operated by another operator and the pilot is only responsible for flying the drone.

We’ve briefly looked at the information posted on https://www.casa.gov.au/drones and decided it’s probably best that we get help from someone already familiar with the registration/certification system.

Thank you,

Hi Karl,

Is this something you think you can help us with? If not, do you know someone who might be able to help us?


Would love to help but unfortunately I am currently not setup for commercial operations.

I would suggest to contact a training provider who have various specialised staff who might be able to help or at least get you in contact wit a suitably certified operator.
Such a training company:

But there are other training companies out there as well.

Hi Karl,

That’s too bad. But please do let us know if your availability changes in the near future since the experiment is in January.

And thank you very much for the pointer. I’ll contact them and also look for similar service providers as you suggested.

Thanks again!

You should have some qualified person here : Commercial Support and Tools — Dev documentation

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the link. I did consider contacting one of you ArduPilot developers who are based in Australia, but since we only need regulatory and operational support for this project, I thought they might be overqualified for what we need and probably be well out of our league…

@darrell might be able to suggest someone

Hi James,

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll try messaging darrell directly.