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Looking for Developers to Build Drones On Board System


We’re in process of initiating a drone company that will be mainly specialized in managing the sky’s routs of drones. We’re aiming to build a solution that is fully controlled & managed by the system. It manages multi flying drones in the sky with efficient monitoring and directing tools, a drone can fly from point to point autonomously by the system based on the traffic, regulations (avoiding restricted areas.)…ets.
The company is based in Saudi Arabia, and the company will cover the cost of mobilities, housing and other costs.
salaries will be determined after the interview

For more info, please contact me at


This is a significant undertaking: congratulations for taking the plunge, and thanks for choosing ArduPilot.
A couple of avenues might work for you.
Firstly, consider reaching out to one or more of the companies and consultants listed here:

I’d suggest, for such a complex endeavour, reaching out to the dev team via
We can have a discussion there about your current level of development, what a good approach to move forward might be, and how to engage an appropriate team to help achieve your goals.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Servers by jDrones