Looking for ArduCopter Pro to professionally tune and test a model of Hexacopter of which I have a fleet


Looking for a professional to take a look at my build and professionally test it. I have been operating a fleet of this particular airframe for 4+ years. Have 500+ hours in the air on the particular series. I want to take the next step. Its as far as I can take it in regards to the tune. If you know how to professionally tune an aircraft and want to take a ground up approach please contact me. I would like some thrust expo work done. I would ship you an airframe and have you do some fine tuning and test flights. Aircraft are used in the Ag application enviroment. ~15kg MTOW aircraft. Other airframes in development.

I would like to understand your background before I commit. Resume or experience required as we discuss the particulars.

Please contact me at dustin.krompetz@m3cg.us

Leonard Hall does professional, payed tuning work. He wrote the stabilization algorithms for arducopter so he knows about everything regarding tuning.

You could contact him if you want to. He might be able to help you out!

Thank you Axel! I appreciate your suggestion.

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