Looking for Arducopter mentor/tutor


I am an Ardupilot (copter) newbie. Self-learning thus far has been frustatingly slow. I have been reading through documebtation and watching youtube videos. But I still feel overwhelmed and get stuck and lose hours going in circles. It will help to get some guidance along the way and so I would like ask for help from mentor.

I managed to build a 5 inch drone using Mateksys F405 HDTE, Mamba F50 4in1 esc and I use ELRS transmitter and receiver. The drone flies but I am not sure if it flies as it should because I don’t have anything to compare it to. First issue I encountered is I get a battery failsafe at 11.2v (read correctly) but the min battery parameter is below 10.8v.

I would like to learn to read logs, to tune my copter. My first goal is to build a stable, well-tuned drone to progress into the next phase - using dronekit and raspberry pi. I would also like to explore SITL.

I would love to get a one-on-one help from someone experienced. If you like to get paid, I can pay a little for each hour, but not a lot.

If you are interested, please let me know and how I can contact you. Much appreciated.

Hi Paul,

I’m by no means an Ardupilot expert, but I do teach classes where I work with Arducopters my students build and set up on a regular basis and so I’m somewhat familiar with the “getting started” part of an ArduCopter. Perhaps I can help you out! You can direct message me here on the forums to start with if you would like/are interested. It’s a bit crazy right now with the holiday season, but I’m sure we can sync up and hopefully get some of your questions answered.

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