Looking for a RTF Skywalker X8 VTOL

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a RTF Skywalker X8 VTOL they’re interested in selling (US based)?


@dazzab or @darrell might be able to point you to someone.

Good luck

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Only one I know of is based in Netherlands. But it’s a great machine from what I can tell. I’ve chatted with them a few times over the years as we were doing very similar things, although I was not doing it commercially.

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I love the Skywalker. I’m actually about to do build #7. And yes, that means I’ve wrecked six over the years while I’ve been testing various things. I’m sure that a stable one would last however, I have my doubts that it’s the best solution out there. I’ve been given a lot of thought to building a Striver instead. I think they have a RTF version but i’m not sure. Have a look if you are interested as they are seriously well built and fly great.
[http://en.makeflyeasy.com/index.php/striver-mini-vtol/](https://MFE Striver)

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Thanks @darrell. I’ve followed some of your previous builds. Glad you’re sticking to it! What would you say the stability issues are caused by? Is the issue in forward or VTOL mode? Sending you a DM…