Looking for a kit recommendations

I’m asking for kit recommendations because currently I’m looking into the Solo but the fact that it is going to run into parts and support issues it makes me worried.

Are there any copter kits out there that in a similar price range with similar feature that will allow me to get updates from ardupilot as it advances?

Depends on what ‘price range’ you’re talking about. The original ask price of the Solo with gimbal (which I believe was around $1500) or the current fire sale price (which fluctuates between $300 and $500 depending on the sale you see.

I’m wondering if there is a worth wild kit that is less than $500.

Probably not with Copter unless you want to build your own rig (which I have). Then you get into ‘what are you willing to pay?’

With Solo’s being so cheap at the moment there really isn’t any good competitor in that price range. I’m the Rover maintainer and even I bought a Solo!

Thanks, Grant.

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