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Looking for a EU company for collaboration in remote sensing (mapping)

Hello community!

First of all let me introduce my company, Svarmi ehf.( The company was founded in 2013 providing all kinds of services with drones, using ofcourse Ardupilot. In 2015 we shifted to focus purely on remote sensing and have since then developed technology based on Ardupilot and ROS to increase automation in data processing but also in the drone and data acquisition. We are currently the largest drone service provider in Iceland in the field of remote sensing and have done few hundred projects all over our country in all seasons. We have also done multiple projects in Ethiopia so we have quite good experience working with drones in any climate possible. We are doing LiDAR and Photogrammetry surveys as well as using thermal and multispectral cameras along with regular RGB mapping. We have for example great experience in servicing the energy sector especially geothermal and hydro power.

We are currently looking for a similar company located on the mainland of Europe to collaborate. The reason why is that we believe that with collaboration both companies will benefit and grow and become stronger against other larger competitors on the market. With collaboration companies could for example share knowledge, technology, equipment and possibly even staff in large projects to name a few possibilities. Collaboration could also enable both companies to participate in larger bids by combining staff, knowledge, equipment and other capability. This of course goes without saying that posting this on this forum we believe in the Ardupilot platform going forward so we are looking for collaborators that know this platform and hopefully together we can improve it.

Please feel free to either send me PM or leave your contact info below and I will contact you. Thank you in advance!

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