Looking for a digtal video radio transmission link

Hi guys, I’m new to open source drones and recently ready to buy a digtal video transmission link, do you have any suitable recommendations? The requirements are roughly as follows.

  1. price within US $200
  2. the transmission distance is around 1000 meters
  3. up to 3-way 720P video transmission
  4. good penetration capability
  5. networking function

Thank you for your time.

I think one of our products will meet your needs perfectly: Mini homer
Price under $150, transmission up to 1200 meters, 720P video transmission with networking

Recently we are doing a promotion, the price may be done under 100 US dollars.

There are various products out there, but the big question is: Is it legal to own & operate in your country?

You could use something like this if allowed in your country: