Looking for a chassis

Looking for a chassis , with motor, esc ect that is fairly off the shelf so i can just plug in a cube with some other peripherals. Would look at something in the 1/10 size? guessing a 2wd, doesnt need to be speedy, but over uneaven dirty terrain would be great. Trying to keep this under 150euro.

would something like this do?



The Redcat Everest makes a good Rover but I wouldn’t suggest that model, no space for hardware and the ridiculous lift won’t do you any good. The Gen7 makes a great Rover, I have one.

In it’s current form. The stock body shell fits:

With a Cube you will want a small Carrier Board. If I was building another I would put a Matek H743-Wing in it.


Thanks Dave! I saw that picture but didnt know what it started as…
I have a H743 in my VTOL, and like it a lot, so may use the same, good idea :slight_smile:

how does that thing do off pavement in grass? I have been looking at getting a rover have built a few homemade ones but wanted something more put together but also want it to as least do well in grass/gravel.

It does good in grass unless is so long it looses traction. Gravel and rocks no problem. I had a 2wd Basher type before this one and it was not a good rover. I have beat on this one pretty good and the only thing that fails is the plastic spur gear. But that’s a good cheap mechanical fuse when you hit something :grinning:

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