Looking for a 24v HV BEC

Does anything rated higher than 12v even exist? I’ve got a Castle Creations CC Pro, 12.5 and 11amps output hooked up to a 8s pack. I need about 50% more wattage. So either I higher amp or voltage rating. I pretty much know the answer to wiring two CC Pro’s in series or parallel lol.


Actually I’m using the dual Mauch power monitoring system with the hub, works great. Oddly enough though, I’m looking for something that can take up to 12s input and an output of say 24v at 10 amps. So around 240w. Nobody makes a bec that outputs at anything higher than 12v. And why would they, not much call for it. My lidar is good to 32, so a charged 8s pack is going to cause problems. Thanks for looking though. BTW, I’ve been talking with Bob Sheppard about getting one of your new X8’s your testing. Very exciting looking rig. Leonard Hall had told me about how incredible your quad was and your whole team! Couldn’t say enough good things! Way to go, nice to see air frames designed from an engineering point of view.

You might have to roll your own. I’ve had good luck with the board mount DC DC regulators from Cui Inc. http://www.cui.com/product/power/dc-dc-converters/isolated/board-mount/200-w/vhb200w-series

Thanks for the kind words! I was involved in developing that product from the beginning but no longer work for UAVA. The x8 is looking amazing!

24v at 8 amps, that’s perfect! Any auxiliary circuity required say for filtering?

They work ok on their own but I am an OCD EE so I like to use an LC network to smooth the output ripple and a few caps on the input side since the power from the flight battery can be pretty noisy.

I presume LC would be an inductive capacitive circuit? One inductor in line and a cap across the outputs. Any values? Not an OCD EE : )

Yup exactly right. 1MH inductor (be sure it’s rated for your load) and 470uf capacitor (mind the voltage and temperature range).