Look for possibilty to trigger each 2 seconds / 5 seconds a pic over mission planer

hi folks,
need help -

looks for a solution to trigger in a individual time limit a photo, for example each 2 seconds or each 5 seconds or what ever…

i use a sony nex 7 or sony alpha camera - and i want to configure this - for example - over mission planer ?

is there any chance to do this ?

thanks in advance!


Do you want to do that while flying to a waypoint, or while stationary?

hi yendolosch

sorry for my late replay - was while out of office…

well normlay i want to this during flying to a waypoint
example :

i have a wall which i want to inspect .
no i want to fly from left to right / right to left .

and i define 2 waypoints on different highs
and i want to have each 2 seconds a picture

you have an idea ?

hope so.,.

thanks in advance!

regards sascha


I dont think there’s a command that can do just that. Here is a list of all copter commands - http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/mission-command-list.html

One way I think you can workaround is by using the DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST. Calculate the distance your quad moves in 2(or 5) seconds for the auto mission speed you’ve set. Add this waypoint and set the distance accordingly. Your quad should take pictures in the appropriate time interval.

Hope this helps,


hi nihal,
thanksf or sharing this link.
will check.

yes, i thought something is included in this way!

thanks for your time to answer my questions