Longest range fpv?

Anyone has any recomendation on the longest range FPV? I heard Dragonlink has one that go 50km. Saw on youtube there is one that goes to 200km. I saw some from AliExpress stating 20km wonder anyone any recommendations.
Specifically for Videolink.

I only know herelink that can do 20km. I honestly don’t know any
RXs that can perform for longer ranges than this.

Also I’m sorry for intervening but may I ask what you’re going to do with such a large range? The only use ik for such long range radios are for guided automatic missions/purposes and I’ve never seen something as such being asked for an fpv multirotor.

I am using for Fixed wing. The range is about 100-200km
I see if I can access further than that.

Ah ok, well the only one I knew were Herelink and SIYI MK15 which do much less than what you need (15-20Km) so they’d be pointless. Would love to see if you find something though since I’m thinking about upgrading my hexa’s range a bit too.

Lte range is unlimited, but the trade off is BIG latency, I’m ok with the latency as i don’t fly typical ‘fpv’, i also like the simplicity of the setup no antennas etc
Realistically you wont go far cos the wind speed will gobble up all your range. What we need is faster platforms. Need to have something that will fly at 100knots with hours of endurance. Then worry about the maximum link range.

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“Lte range is unlimited”, what if there is no Lte antenna in the region?

With the SIYI HM30 Dual you can do theoretical ~40Km

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Im not sure where u live but where i am if you go up a bit and get out of the valleys you’d be suprised how much phone range there is, i find it hard to justify using your own antennas etc when you can use the millions of dollars worth of gear the telcos have setup on all the hilltops around the country

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Let me share our experiences with you.

We are doing pipeline inspections in Thailand and of course we also need to fly as far away and as long as possible. For long time we have been trying many solutions.

RFD900, long range 2.4ghz, 1.3ghz video, etc, etc.

All of these solutions have the same problem. As soon as you fly behind a building, a tall tree, a hill or a mountain, signal, video and control is gone.

We also run into legal problems. RFD900 is basically illegal in Thailand. Basically any transmitter over 100mw or 200mw (depending on the frequency) is also illegal.

So we finally settled for LTE. As stated before, the range is unlimited but yes, as long as there is a tower around. Latency isn’t that bad. Telemetry almost unnoticeable, video a few hundred mSec.

Yes, we sometimes have a short interruption in rural areas, but mostly the signal returns within a minute or so.

You can check out UAVMATRIX.com for details.

Hope this write up is helpful for you.

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Is the camera a picam connected to rpi or a different cam, and how is your vid feed displayed? Through gstreamer into mission planner hud? Also what kind of pipeline inspection? Are they above ground pipeline and is it thermal inspection?

We use picam connected to the RPi. Video is displayed on mission planner on the HUD. I’m sorry, i cannot answer specific, confidential details on the mission. I hope you understand.

For us, video is just a bonus. We use it for checking the weather, to see if we have no obstructions and get a general idea of the conditions of the mission. So we set the resolution to 640x480, 10fps. Enough for us and we don’t stress the bandwidth to the limit.

Ok sounds great, i use similar with picam and rpi for video feed and mavlink, i updated to current mission planner and the vid doesn’t feed any longer, would you be able to let me know the port setting etc that you use along with the gstreamer version that works for you?

We’re using only standard settings. 5600 for video 14550 for telemetry. Mission planner will install gstreamer by itself when it detecs a video stream.

All very straightforward and easy.