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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(RickyG) #225

Tom-Fly would you mind terribly if I popped this into my manual…I call it a manual but really I am just collecting what I find on the subject and pulling it into a single document for the community. I just don’t want to do that with out your ok.

(MartinKeilloh) #226

thats a great idea Ricky the manual and thank you,hope to get a Skydroid after xmas

(RickyG) #227

I hope you do as well.
Nice to see the community grow and we get to learn from each other.
As soon as Tom gets back to me I will post the link to the document again.

(RickyG) #228

I have ordered replacement antenna for my existing receiver and have a second receiver on order. Unfortunately there is a postal disruption here in Canada and so mail is moving slowly.

Skydroid what does this mean. I see it on the AliExpress site.

(MartinKeilloh) #229

must be for working in a toxic area,no idea really

(Tom-fly) #230

RickG, of course you allowed join that document to your manual. One document is really good way to deal with that.

(RickyG) #231

Thanks man.
Hey where in the world are you…the graphic showed iceland so I was curious.

(Tom-fly) #232

I’m from Finland, Iceland is good landmark near us…

(RickyG) #233

Folks here is my document that I collected everything into.
If you have more you think should be added, please feel free to let me know.

(Tom-fly) #234

Interesting, that is somekind of cover for dust protection ? rain, sandstorms etc ? Nice.

(RickyG) #235

No way. My wife and I are in Helsinki next year. I am so looking forward to it. I have never been in that part of world and really excited to see it.
Perhaps we can grab a coffee. then lol.


(RickyG) #236

ya they build Agricultural drones and so I guess they don’t want it getting wet.

(Tom-fly) #237

wow, nice. Sure, cup of coffee is always good. Helsinki is far away from here, but distance shouldn’t be a problem. Welcome.

(RickyG) #238

Well if we are still friends next year I will message you lol.
In the mean time have an awesome day.

(Tom-fly) #239

Are they planning protection for whole aircraft, or only for receiver, … It would be nice to fly in rain etc. Maby agricultural liquids are not so neutral compared with water/snow.

(RickyG) #240

no idea. My guess is a receiver with a waterproof boot of some sort.
I silicone conformal coat all my electronics to defend against water anyways…but stiff a boot on the receiver would be handy. I hate futaba style servo connectors. They can pull free. Hot glue is my friend.

(David Boulanger) #241

Anybody flown this yet?

(RickyG) #242

I believe Tom has had it the air.
Mine is down for GPS issues.

(MartinKeilloh) #243

Thanks for the manual Rick well done have bookmarked itcan you get 6 flight modes on the pixhawk with it please

(RickyG) #244

I have not found how to do the 6 flight modes. On a Taranis its easy because you can do a mix of switches. But the Skydroid has no mixing of switches so I have not found how to do it. Also I am not sure if there are other modes that can be selected in the Tower app. In other words can you simply select a mode in Tower and it changes via Mavlink.
It’s something I need to play with.
I am thinking you could change two switches so their top and botton PWM ranges stack on top of one in other and assign the same channel to them. But like I said, not played with it yet.
Perhaps something to experiment with tonight.