Long range telemetry radio with RC link (Microhard P900?)

Does anyone have any info on if it’s possible to send RC link with a long range telemetry radio like the P900?

I’ve eyed the Microhard radios two years ago. I tried my damnedest to get in touch, see if I can get a pair of them to try them out. Phone calls, emails, more phone calls… couldn’t get them to sell me a pair to try them out. Pricey as hell, like $500 the pair, too. They seem like they build on order, and my two wasn’t seen as an order, since I was looking at the EU-friendly 868 MHz.

The guys at Dronee Pilot seem to use the P900 for US.

Looks like Holybro is selling it: Microhard P900 Radio,Microhard P900 Radio
There is also a pdf about configuration settings.