Long failsafe RTL mode maintained even if RC signal reacquir

I know nearly nothing about APM so have been reading the manual assiduously. In the page Plane Failsafe Function it states that there is a short failsafe (1.5 secs) then a long failsafe (20 secs) which, if activated, puts the plane into RTL mode, and that mode is maintained EVEN IF the R/C signal is reacquired. This seems odd to me. Unless you have to physically do something on the transmitter to take it out of RTL mode and into something else that allows control from the transmitter. Does this mean I have to frantically flip a switch until I get control back? Why wouldn’t the unit resume the previous mode active prior to the failsafe being triggered?

Don’t ever “frantically” do anything.

Plane is the same as copter, when it regains the radio signal it remains in rtl failsafe until you change the flight mode from the transmitter.

Thanks for the reply MarkM.
So how do I know if the R/C signal has been reacquired? Do I just keep attempting to change the flight mode from the transmitter (perhaps not frantically…) until I get control back? Or do I rely on my radio regaining telemetry to inform me that the link has been reacquired? (the Taranis can do that)
Thanks, Ian

If you have a telemetry setup on the Taranis then it should say telemetry is re acquired as soon as the radio link is re established. Then just change flight modes to re gain control, if you want to carry on in the flight mode you are in when the failsafe kicks in you just have to switch out of that mode and then back in to it.