Loitering performance in RTK Float status

Hi all,

Recently I have tested RTK GPS using Copter 3.5 firmware. My base has a valid survey and connected to ground station without problem. The status of GPS shown is RTK Float throughout the flight. However, the stability of copter observed during hovering when the GPS status is RTK float seems less impressive, there were a bit of drifts during loiter mode. When in RTK Fix mode, the copter showed very solid localisation.

My guess is that when GPS status is RTK float/fix, the EKF gives more trust in the GPS position. However, the actual gps position is still not highly accurate in float mode(as compared to RTK Fixed mode). Therefore, the EKF is giving more trust to a not very accurate position data, resulting in the drift during loiter. Anyone has similar experience to this?

When in RTK float status hovering in Loiter mode there is no drift for me, the copter move within 15 cm range during 20 minutes flight.