Loitering Oscillation on Omnix

Hey all,

I am working on a position keeping platform to collect currents, but we are having problems using the pre-existing loitering system. The platform has a tendency to oscillate due to the program constantly looking to center on the original position. I had an idea to modify the current loitering code to how often the motors are running. Does anyone know how to modify the pre-existing code and upload to our platform. Or has anyone had this oscillation problem before? I have including the files from the last testing we did with the platform.

Bin: 2022_8_bin
Log: 2022_8_log

Parmeters.param (14.9 KB)

Lots of persons have this problem, and many of them ask in this forum how to fix it.

They all get similar answers:

  • Properly run tuning instructions

All of the users that run the steps above get a much improved vehicle behaviour.
There is no need to change the software at all, just need to input the correct parameter values for your specific vehicle.

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Iā€™m having troubles accessing the .bin file. Could you put it somewhere (at least temporarily) with unrestricted access?

My apologies. Here is a new link for the bin