Loiter without fixed height

Loiter without fixed height.

Is there a way to use Loiter without a fixed height?

If I have found thermic I want to turn off the engine and let the aircraft automatically circled in place. Either it goes up or down I see then in the telemetry.
Yes I know, that’s lazy. :wink:

I’m referring to APM 3.7 because my god old Pixhawk clone does not work with 3.8.

Plane: Opterra (2m Wing)
Fully equipped with HD FPV and 5000mA/h battery.
Very cumbersome, but flies perfect and long.

It’s called SOARING and already part of the codebase.

Oh, I probably overlooked that.

In any case, I like the answer. I’ll take a look at that again.

Many Thanks.